AWC 2016

held in North Vancouver, British Columbia

A - Aperitif Sherry B - Aperitif C1 - Chardonnay
C2 - Aromatic White Vinifera C3 - Dry White Non-Vinifera C4 - Other Dry White
D - Rose E1 - Dry Red Bordeaux Style E2 - Dry Red Pinot
E3 - Dry Red Non-Vinifera E4 - Dry Red Zinfandel E5 - Red Rhone Style
E6 - Other Dry Red F - Dessert G - After Dinner
H - Sparkling I - Social J1 - Country Table
J2 - Country Social P - Cider


Grand Champion Winemaker

John Jensen British Columbia

A - Aperitif Sherry

Peter Ferguson Ontario Various white wines/figs/sugar
Tony Pearson British Columbia 100% Palamino
Riccardo Pellizzari British Columbia 100% palomino from California aged in 23 L barrel for 20years
Jill Hindley Ontario Blend of numerous viniferas, fortified
Ed Saunders Manitoba Creamy Sherry-100%-Cellarcraft Kit

B - Aperitif

Ed Saunders Manitoba Muscat-100%-Spagnols Kit
Tommy Kucera Manitoba Blended †from: 20% 2002 blackberry port, 20% 2006 Rhubarb, 20% 2005 rhubarb, 20% 2003 Chokecherry, 20% mixture of fresh juices: Evans cherry, Seville Orange, Blood Orange, spices, commercial brandy

C1 - Chardonnay

Don Graham British Columbia 100% Chardonnay, Sierra Madre Vineyard, Santa Maria Calif
Ed Saunders Manitoba Chardonnay-100%-Spagnols Kit
Mike Leeper British Columbia Sangiocamo CA
Miroslav Ristic British Columbia 100% Chardonnay, Kiona Vineyards, Red Mountain AVA, WA

C2 - Aromatic White Vinifera

Emile Thibault Ontario Muscat Canelli juice 100%. Sourced from Lodi region California. Residual sugar + / - 3%. Fermented with VL 1 yeast.
Jimmy Irani Alberta 100% Viognier grapes from vineyard in Washington state Sp. Gr is 0.993
Don Graham British Columbia 100% Muscat Otenel, Summerland,B.C.
Don Dickison Alberta Gewurztraminer Ultimate Kit
Steve Kampers Ontario Vidal 50%, Riesling 25%, Chardonnay 25% (Hughes - Beamsville, ON)
Johanna Kraemer Alberta viognier wine kit sommelier style from Washington
Bill Thornton Ontario 90% Gewurtraminer, Hughes VR, ON, 10% Muscat, Calif
Norman Falk Ontario 66% 2008 Ontario Riesling, 32% 2007 Yakima Riesling, 2% 2015 Gewurtraminer
Rob Comeault Manitoba GewŁrztraminer Verdelho Muscat, Australian Wine expert kit Limited Edition. Sweetness of 2
Jack Gootjes Ontario 100% Kerner, Watson, Niagara on the Lake
Ed Saunders Manitoba Gewartztraminer-100%-Spagnols Kit
Ed & Daniela Basile British Columbia 100% guwertztraminer keleden bc grapes
Clem Joyce British Columbia Muscat Canelli, Washington
Dan Prairie Alberta 100% Viognier; made from juice from Washington, USA; final S.G. .0995
John Ciardullo Ontario 100% Viognier from Lodi California. (Dry)
Ken Clark Ontario 100% Gewurztraminer, Newfeld, Niagara Region
Larry McIntyre British Columbia Riesling, (100%) Kiona Vineyards Washington

C3 - Dry White Non-Vinifera

Steve Kampers Ontario Vidal (Watson - NOTL)
Bill Thornton Ontario 90% Serval blanc/Vidal blend, Dragonridge VR, ON, 10% Riesling Hughes VR, ON
Scott Green & Martin Jones Nova Scotia 100% L'Acadie grapes. Supplied by Cape House Vineyard, Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. Fermented to dryness.
Ivan Herbert Nova Scotia l'Acadie Blanc 43%, Seyval Blanc 43%, Siegerrebe 14% alcohol 10.5%, pH 3.5, TA 8.7, RS 1 g/l, all grapes grown in own vineyard

C4 - Other Dry White

Tony Proracki Ontario Grapes purchased from Watsons in the Niagara on the Lake region of southern Ontario. †The composition of the blend is: Riesling 70%, Vidal 20% and Kerner 10%. Colour is pale straw, alcohol 11 1/2%.
Colin Nicholson British Columbia 100% Pinot Gris
Frank Renda Ontario !00% pinot gris,Newman vineyards,notl, dry .
William Cicon Alberta Pinot Gris
Brian McKibbin Nova Scotia 45% L'Acadie Blanc grapes from Childs vineyard in Canning NS † 32% Pinot Gris grapes from Jackson vineyard in Aylesford NS † 23% Seyval grapes from Childs vineyard in Canning NS
Andre d'Entremont Nova Scotia White blend containing 56% Sauvignon Blanc, 28% L'Acadie, 8% NY Muscat, 8% Pinot Gris. All grapes grown at the Cape House Vineyard, Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. Fermented to dryness.
Norman Falk Ontario 20% each of 2007 Yakima Riesling, 2008 Ontario Riesling, 2007 Brehm Gewurztraminer, 2008 Ontario Gewurztraminer, 2011 Ontario Gewurztraminer
Clark Meredith Ontario Pinot Grigio Juice, sourced from Watson barrel supplies Niagara on the Lake and Presqe Isle Wine Cellars North East Pennsylvania
Michel Perron Alberta Pinot Gris - Washington Juice, 100%, SG = 0.994
John VanDerMark Ontario 2014 Sauvignon Blanc 50%, 2014 Vidal 20%, 2014 Reisling 30% - Newfeld Niagara Region
Ed & Daniela Basile British Columbia 100% pinot gris keleden bc grapes
Ken Clark Ontario 100% Sauvignon Blanc, Newfeld, Niagara Region
Randy Doering Alberta 100% Washington Pinot Gris Juice
Chuck Douglas British Columbia Pinot Gris Grapes from Kaleden

D - Rose

Dave Ewen British Columbia Grenache, Washington
Clem Joyce British Columbia Grenache Rose, Meek Vineyard, Washington
Manny Arruda Ontario 50% Lodi CAL Grenache/50% various free run red grape juice
Neil Finkle Nova Scotia Cabernet Franc 50%, Merlot 50%, Northern California Grapes, Alcohol 12%, Residual Sugar 1% (off Dry)
Douglas Brain British Columbia 100% Grenache (Meek vineyard, Washington State)
Bill Thornton Ontario 100% Gamay, Hughes VR, ON, dry

E1 - Dry Red Bordeaux Style

John Jensen British Columbia Cabernet, 100% , Napa Valley, Gilbert's Grapes
Clem Joyce British Columbia Cabernet Sauvignon,33% Petit Verdot, Washington
Wayne Dumanski Ontario 25% Chilean Merlot, 25% Chilean Cab Sauv, 25% 25% Chilean Melbec, 25%, 25% Chilean Camere
Michel Perron Alberta Malbec - Washington Grapes, 100%, SG = 0.996
Glen Badger British Columbia 85% Cabernet, 9% Merlot, 3% Cab Franc, 3% Petit Verdot, Washington, Gilbert's Grapes
Bernie Joyce British Columbia Merlot †15% Petit Verdot
Walter Frith British Columbia 98% Obsidian Ridge cabernet sauv, California, supplier Pacific Grapes, 2% Petit Verdot, california. sweetness, dry
Bruno Meneguzzi Ontario Brehm (Carneros California)- 50% 2010 Cab Sauv + 25% 2013 Cab Sauv + 25% Merlot
Dan Prairie Alberta 100% Cabernet Sauvignon; Grapes from Washington, USA; final S.G. .0992
John Thompson British Columbia Cab Franc, Weinbau Vineyard, Columbia Valley, Washington
David Wong British Columbia Meek Cab, Meek Merlot, Cab Franc, Petit Verdot
Paul Arcand British Columbia Meritage Merlot Cabernet Franc
Larry McIntyre British Columbia Cabernet Sauvignon, (100%) Dineen Vineyards, Washington
Clark Meredith Ontario 80% 2012 Merlot Grapes, sourced from Culps Vineyard Beamsville, 15% 2010 Cab Sauv Grapes, sourced from Culps Vineyard Beamsville, 5% 2014 Cab Franc, sourced from Sams Importing and Distributing Hamilt
Pete Young Ontario Super Cab from Lodi, California.
John & Fran Ayris British Columbia Cabernet Sauvignon 100%, OKValley
Dominic Ierullo Ontario 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, ( The Greek Garden Vineyard) California
Roy Bilic Ontario 75% Cab Sauv, Spain, Fermentations/ 20% Merlot, California, Pergola Grape Juice/ 5% Syrah, Spain, Fermentations
Alan Jost Nova Scotia Winexpert Limited Edition LE 2014 Washington Triumph kit.
Gordon Catherwood British Columbia 100% Cabernet Sauvignon from Lake County CA, free run
James & Anne Drysdale Nova Scotia Winexpert Kit - Triumph - (Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc; Merlot). †Sweetness 1; Alcohol 13.5%. Origin Washington State, USA
Dave Ewen British Columbia Cab Sav Alderidge Vineyard
Ed Saunders Manitoba Cabernet Sauvignon-100%-Spagnols Kit
Bruce Smith Ontario 2014 merlot, kevin watson(supplier)
Brownie Zawadski Manitoba Vin Bon Cab. Sauvignon
Paul Stusiak British Columbia 85% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Franc. Sagemoor Vineyards, Pasco, Washington. Dry.
Bill Thornton Ontario 100% Cabernet Sauvignon: Blend of 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon, Chalk Hills Calif & 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon, Suisson Calif
Bruce Chin British Columbia 90% Merlot - Sagemoor Bacchus Vineyard, Block 4, Washington Columbia Valley + 7% Cabernet Franc, Sagemoor Weinbau Vineyard, Washington Wahluke Slope + 3% Petit Verdot, Sagemoor Dionysus Vineyard, Wash
Jim Ferguson & Bob MacDiarmid Nova Scotia Cabernet Franc 25% Cabernet Sauvignon 75% from California grapes supplied by Luigi Benigno in Halifax.It is approx. 12.5% alcohol and is fermented to dry.
Stephen Butt Alberta 2014 harvest BC grapes. 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 32% Merlot, 18% Cabernet Franc
Len Sylvester Ontario 100% Merlot Cellar's Choice (Chile)
Rob Comeault Manitoba Chilean Cabernet Merlot. RJ Spagnols Restricted Quantities kit.

E2 - Dry Red Pinot

Kit Childs Nova Scotia 100% Pinot Noir grown in own vineyard. Dry
Wayne Dumanski Ontario 100% Ontario Pinot Noir, Mike Weir vineyard, Beamsville Ontario
Mei-Ying Huang & Sergio Civitarese British Columbia 100% Pinot Noir grapes ,Similkameen Valley, BC.
William Huva British Columbia Pinot Noir - 95%, Okanagan; Petite Verdot - 5%, California
Brian Aziz Ontario 100% Pinot Noir; sourced from California
Ed Saunders Manitoba Pinot Noir-100%-Spagnols Kit
Jimmy Irani Alberta 100% Pinot Noir grapes from vineyard in Summerland B.C. Sp Gravity is 0.992
Daniel Plenzik Alberta 100% PINOT NOIR GRAPES (Okanagan, Summerland area). Finished Specific Gravity 0.992.

E3 - Dry Red Non-Vinifera

Ivan Herbert Nova Scotia Baco Noir 100%, alcohol 11.8%, pH 3.4, TA 8.4, RS 0g/l, grapes grown in own vineyard
Brian McKibbin Nova Scotia 83% Leon Millot grapes from Childs vineyard in Canning NS † 17% Precose de Colmar grapes from Childs vineyard in Canning NS
Rob Porter & Carson MacDonald Nova Scotia 100% Lucie Kuhlmann, Stonehill Fruit & Juice Company Ltd, Nova Scotia

E4 - Dry Red Zinfandel

John McMaster British Columbia 100% Zinfandel, Lodi California, crushed grapes supplied by Gilbert Tonello
Steve Blaschek British Columbia 85% Spenker Ranch Zinfandel, 10% 2010 Syrah from Sheridan and 5 % 2014 Petit Syrah also from Spenker Ranch
John Jensen British Columbia Jessies Grove Zin, 90% CAb 7%, Petite Syrah 3%,California, Gilbert's Grapes
Mike Leeper British Columbia Amador County CA 85%, Petite Sirah 15%
Dominic Ierullo Ontario 100% Old Vine Zinfandel, Lodi, California
Ed Saunders Manitoba Red Zinfandel-100%-Spagnols Kit
Bill Thornton Ontario 95% Zinfandel, Calif, 5% Petit Syrah, Calif
Sebastian Hergott Ontario 90% Zinfandel (Lodi, California), 5% Petit Syrah (Elkins Ranch, California), 5% Petit Verdot (Van Ruittan, California)
Tony Pearson British Columbia 100% California Zinfandel
Martin Cook British Columbia 100% Zinfandel Washington State
Glenn Thomson Ontario 90% Cellar Craft O.V. Zin, 10% Kenridge Pinot Grigio

E5 - Red Rhone Style

Doug Ellis British Columbia 100 % Lucas Lewellan Vnyd , California, NW Grapes
Don Graham British Columbia 85% Syrah,Alexander Valley,Sonoma,Calif. †15% Merlot, 2010 Santa Barbra, Calif
Brian Aziz Ontario 90% Syrah, 10% Carignan; Sourced from California
John Jensen British Columbia Syrah 100%, Washington,Gilbert's Grapes
David Wong British Columbia 100% Syrah Dineen Vineyards
Neil Finkle Nova Scotia Syrah 85%, Cabernet Sauvignon 10%, Petite Sirah 5%, Northern California Grapes, Alcohol 13% RS 0%
Clem Joyce British Columbia Syrah, Meek/Dineen Vineyard, Washington
Brownie Zawadski Manitoba Syrah Cru Select Grape&Vine
Greg Reid British Columbia 100 % Shiraz, Oliver BC
Dan Stevenson Ontario 100% Chilean Syrah grapes from importer ,Stoney Creek ,Ontario
Mei-Ying Huang & Sergio Civitarese British Columbia 100% Shiraz grapes, Columbia Valley, Washington State.
Paul Arcand British Columbia Syrah Dineen/Sheridan Vyds WA
Dominic Ierullo Ontario 100% Syrah, Washington State
William Cicon Alberta Shariz
Daniel Plenzik Alberta 100% SYRAH GRAPES (Okanagan, Oliver area). Finished Specific Gravity 0.994.
Ed Saunders Manitoba Rhone-100%-Spagnols Kit

E6 - Other Dry Red

John Jensen British Columbia Petite Syrah 100%, California, Gilbert's Grapes
Clem Joyce British Columbia Petite Sirah, Petit Verdot, 4:1, Lake County, Calif
Dan Prairie Alberta 100% Tempranillo; Grapes from Washington, USA; final S.G. .0996. Note: this is a joint entry - Ken Sterling is also listed as wine maker.
Michel Perron Alberta Tempranillo - Washington Grapes, 100%, SG = 0.994
Randy Doering Alberta 100% Washington Temprinillo grapes
Bernie Joyce British Columbia 60% cabernet Sauvignon 16% Syrah 7% Petit Verdot 16% Malbec
Steve Kampers Ontario Barbera (Brehm - Columbia Valley)
Rob Comeault Manitoba RJ Spagnols Winery Series, Wine Makers Trio. Cabernet Sauvignon, Sryah, and Zinfandel. Origin unknown.
Neil Finkle Nova Scotia Cabernet Sauvignon 50%, Sangiovese 50%, Northern California Grapes, Alcohol 13%, Residual Sugar 0%
Don Graham British Columbia 70% Grenache, Santa Barbra, Calif. 30% Zinfandel, Line Kiln Vineyard, San Benito, Calif
Rob Boniface Ontario 100% Tempranillo from Spain
Ed Saunders Manitoba Other Red-60% Cabernet/25% Red Zinfandel/15% Petit Syrah-Spagnols Kits
Elayne Mott Nova Scotia 85 % Merlot wine...Fontana International, Vintage Classic (ABCCork); 15% wild blueberries (own fields); started Sept. 23, 2010 & bottled April 16, 2015. Sweetness 2 Off Dry 5-25 grams per litre of wi
Alban Walsh Nova Scotia Leon Millot 32.0%, Triomphe d'Alsace 29.0%, Lucie Kuhlmann 17.0%. Precose de Colmar 16.0%, L'Acadie Blanc 4.0%, Marechal Foch 1.0% and Siegerrebe skins 1.0% - all from Kit Child's vineyard on Woodside
Brian Williams Ontario 50% Merlot - 50% Grenache from California juice. Supplier Ponte Vecchio U-Vin, St.Catharines.

F - Dessert

Clark Meredith Ontario Vidal Ice Wine Juice, sourced from Watson Barrel Supplies Niagara on the Lake
Norman Falk Ontario 100% Maple
Wayne Dumanski Ontario 100% Cab Franc Ice Wine, Mike Weir Vineyard, Beamsville Ontario
Tommy Kucera Manitoba Muscat Canelli, Colavita and Sons, California. Elderflowers
Dan Stevenson Ontario 95% Black Current and 5% Raspberries from my own garden.
Johanna Kraemer Alberta pinot Gris and chardonnay blend from grapes in bc
Marilyn Chiasson Alberta Vidal Ice Wine (R J Spagnols Cru Speciality Premium)
James Pflanz British Columbia 100% Gewuztraminer Ice Wine , Pflanz Vineyard Kamloops BC , brix 30 , 9.5 g /l acid , European Style late harvest .
Lorne Weyers Ontario 33 1/3% Grenache. 33 1/3 % Zinfandel, 33 1/3% Syrah
Ed Saunders Manitoba Dessert-Cabernet Franc Ice Wine-100%-Spagnols Kit

G - After Dinner

Dan Stevenson Ontario 30% Merlot , 30% Cab Sauv , 30% Cab Franc, 5% Concord, 5% Port Kit.
Paul Wallace Ontario Vin Bon Syrah juice fed w Wine Art Spanish red conc, med oak chips, cinnamon stick, + Cellar Cask Brandy
Brownie Zawadski Manitoba Grape&Vine Classical Port Juice
Peter Bennell Ontario 100% Ontario Buckwheat Honey from Parker "Charlie Bee" apiary, Beamsville, Ontario.
Neil Finkle Nova Scotia New York Muscat 88% Wurher Vineyards, Kingston NS, Everclear 12%, Alcohol 18%, Residual Sugar 8%
Tony Pearson British Columbia 100% California Zinfandel (Blend of several vintages bottled in 2008)
Manny Arruda Ontario various California & Ontario red grapes
Colin Nicholson British Columbia 100% Zinfandal
Wayne Dumanski Ontario Merlot was base wine Hipple farms and vineyard, Beamsville Ontario. 25% added various freeze fractured wines, 5% brandy, 5% 85 proof alcohol.
Doug Sloane Ontario 100% Coffee Port. Cru Specialty Kit.
Brian Williams Ontario Late bottled Port. 75% Cab. franc - 25% Concord
John & Fran Ayris British Columbia port style; 100%black mix
Marilyn Chiasson Alberta Chocolate Salted Caramel Port ( Winexpert Speciale- 2015)
Tommy Kucera Manitoba Port style. >95% local black raspberry/blackberry. Banana, elderberry, elderflower, vanilla bean. Step fermented. Fortified with commercial brandy.
Joel Falk Alberta DIAMANTI Port Style Dark Chocolate Orange
Rick & Mary Homer British Columbia Blended Zinfandel Port from various years

H - Sparkling

Clem Joyce British Columbia Saignee de Syrah, Naramata, B.C. Brut style
Neil Finkle Nova Scotia New York Muscat 50%, Cayuga 50%, Wurher Vineyards, Kingston, NS, Alcohol 11%, RS 1% (Off Dry)
Tommy Kucera Manitoba Malvasia grapes 65%, Sauvignon Blanc 35% both from Colavita and Sons, California. CONTAINS encapsulated yeast (Lalvin Pro-Elif)

I - Social

Paul Arcand British Columbia Gewurtztraminer Kiona WA
Ross Gosling Ontario 100% Late Harvest Vidal. Watson's Vineyard Niagara on the Lake. Ontario
Wayne Dumanski Ontario 100% Late Harvest Vidal, Jon Misic Vineyard, Beamsville Ontario
Elayne Mott Nova Scotia 100% rhubarb (own grown); wine started from thawed 2008 frozen fruit in March 2009 & bottled 2013. Sweetness Medium 25-45 grams sugar per litre of wine.
Arthur Ward Nova Scotia 100% Strawberry from Kenny's Berry Farm. Sweetness 3 Medium. Alcohol 11%
Joel Falk Alberta Winexpert Limited Edition Riesling

J1 - Country Table

Ivan Zuzek Ontario Frozen Raspberry Juice, sourced from Sobeys Groceries, Grimsby, with concentrated raspberry syrup
Wayne Card British Columbia Raspberry
Christa Stehle Ontario Strawberry (60%), Bananas (15%), Rhubarb (15%), Red Currant (5%), Black Currant Syrup (5%)
Glenn Thomson Ontario Struke Farm field blend apples
Mariusz Gorzynski Ontario Peach/mango/pineapple
Donna Neve British Columbia 99% locally grown plum 1 % pineapple juice
Arthur Ward Nova Scotia 100% Peach juice home †grown. Sweetness 2 Off Dry. Alcohol 11%†
Dana Cornea Alberta 26.7% sweet cherries (BC - Creston)/73.3% rhubarb (Calgary)

J2 - Country Social

Ken Clark Ontario 100% Mont. Sour Cherry,
April Nix Ontario Strawberry wine (95% strawberries, 5% Shiraz (Kenridge kit))
Clark Meredith Ontario Raspberry Juice, sourced from Walkers Fruit Farms, Forestville New York, free fractionated some juice for sweetening the wine
Dan Stevenson Ontario 90% Black Current , 10% Raspberry. Sourced from my garden.
Jim Bradshaw Ontario 100% Raspberry
Tommy Kucera Manitoba 100% wild saskatoon.†
Jerry Ward New Brunswick 100% Elderberry local grown. Sweetness 3 medium Alcohol 11%
Arthur Ward Nova Scotia 55% Strawberry Juice from Kenny's Berry Farm, Blackberry 45% local wild †Sweetness 3 Medium. Alcohol 12%

P - Cider

Bill Thornton Ontario 100% Apple. Grodig Orchards, ON, off dry
Tommy Kucera Manitoba "Goodland" apples. Trace (<10%) mixed crabapples. Oak cask matured. Presented on priming yeast.